Building Scaffolding

Building Scaffolding

We build our own scaffolds. The most important when we work with scaffolding and platforms is the build process, if we can provide a good service, our clients will work comfortably and secure. We have a long-experienced team of workers, able to fit scaffolds to any shape to prepare the correct structure.

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Scaffold builder

Building scaffolding for sale

In our scaffold builder team we include engineers able to adjust our tools to any need. We have different possibilities using our own scaffolding, they work to personalize all our structures in relation to your project.

We check the base to ensure that the ground is prepared to absorb the weight of the scaffold, then, the structure is assembled, making sure that there are no dangerous elements for the mobility, if it is a movable scaffold.
Platforms, stairs and safety rails are placed, when the whole scaffold is assembled we place the last safety pieces and evaluate the stability.
All this process can be very complex if scaffolding has to fit in a huge structure, that is the reason why this kind of work has to be done by expert staff in this type of job.
If you buy one of our scaffolds you can ask us to assemble it where you need it. We built modules easy to erect, with all kind of security systems.
Our structures can be as high as you want, we manufacture pieces that are part of a module, these modules can grow up as much as be necessary.

Scaffolding working platform

Along with building and breaking down scaffolds, scaffold builders have to install ladders, walkways and safety rails, it’s our responsibility to ensure all these parts. We clean the scaffold and prepare the construction sites, including removing all kind of element that could produce a damage or be a risk. Our scaffold builders have several years of experience doing this kind of job, so they can not only build and disassemble the structure, our team work to provide the perfect environment for you. If you need a custom scaffolding contact us, we are able to build all types of structures, including bridge scaffolding, and platforms with special heights. Our work is based on solving problems, providing the perfect solution, because you have to work comfortably and in a safe atmosphere. We work with you to generate platforms that allow you to work comfortably in a safe space.