Braces Scaffolding

Braces Scaffolding

Braces scaffolding are used to ensure the stability of the scaffold and prevent it from moving on top levels. Scaffolding cross braces must be completely adjusted to the structure, otherwise, they will not avoid vibrations.
Work in a safety structure is essential when we work at heights, scaffolding braces secure the vertical bars, and prevent the parts that form the base from moving.

Scaffolding cross braces

Scaffolding brace is one of the mandatory parts when we build a scaffold. Every scaffold cross brace must be evaluated to ensure that the whole piece is well manufactured, doing this we know that all the parts that we are using contribute to the safety of the scaffold.
We manufacture every scaffolding cross brace considering the security measures imposed by current law.

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Braces Scaffolding

We are a brace scaffolding company specialized in scaffolding parts. We sell all of them as part of a complete structure, but we sell individual pieces as well, so if you need a single scaffold brace, you can find it in our catalogue.
For us it is important to check every piece, in the case of scaffolding braces this work is essential, because these pieces are part of the safety structure. Our team works to avoid weak parts, and we achieve it by manufacturing parts without welded parts, which are able to resist heavy forces.

Aluminum Scaffolding BRACES for sale

The scaffolding cross bracing system allows the weight to be distributed among more elements, helping vertical and horizontal structural bars, especially when somebody is working in the scaffolding.

There are many different scaffolds, so we manufacture different brace scaffolding sizes. A cross brace has to be correctly fixed, to ensure all the structure. Our cross braces for scaffolding are made to fit with our devices, but you can use many of them in other scaffolds. If you are looking for scaffolding braces for sale, check our catalogue and choose the items that you need to work securely. We provide a rent service as well, with scaffold cross brace in different sizes.

Our work includes assembly, dismantling and transfer, we take all the pieces where you need them immediately. Our professional team can fix the whole structure in a few time for you. We manufacture all kind of pieces and accessories, if you need guard rails, castors, outriggers, platforms and any part of the scaffold contact us, we can manufacture custom pieces if you need it, adding all kind of security devices.


Brace scaffolding company

We have different scaffold cross brace sizes, because we know that it is important to work with adapted parts. Frame and brace scaffold pieces are part of a bigger structure, if everything fits, the whole scaffolding will be secure for all kind of works.

In Alufase one of the requirements for scaffolding braces to help stabilize the structure is to assembly it correctly. For a complete service, we work with our own assembly team, people prepared to assemble your scaffolding, providing a safe and comfortable environment to work at height.

Frame and brace scaffold

In our catalogue you will find different parts like adjustable legs, platforms, outriggers, ladders, guard-rails, frames and castors. All of them are manufactured to assemble perfectly between them, generating a safe and comfortable structure to work at height.
We have an assembly team specialized in this kind of structures, if you need people specialized in scaffolding assembly and safety, our team is the best solution for you.