Scaffolding Castors

Scaffolding Castors

Check our range of scaffolding castors, we supply scaffold tower wheels to suit standard scaffold tubes and other designs that we can custom for you. Scaffold castors are essential to move an aluminum scaffold comfortably and quickly, these wheels allow the entire structure to move easily to the workplace.

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Scaffold CASTOR

Scaffold castors are an important element to work safely on a scaffold. Castors for scaffolding are used to work with mobile scaffolding, these structures can be easily moved, because they are manufactured with light materials like aluminium and fiberglass. The scaffolding castor facilitate the transfer from one place to another, but also block the base to avoid moving when the scaffolding must remain fixed.

Scaffolding castors for sale must be resistant, both when the scaffolding is moving and when it is stationary, the castors support a large part of the weight so it is important that the wheels are made with extremely resistant materials and have been checked, otherwise, a breakage may occur, destabilizing the whole structure.

In Alufase we manufacture scaffolding wheels specially prepared to absorb large weights, but also allowing the scaffolding to be moved with absolute freedom, even on irregular terrain.

Scaffolding Castor for sale

We work to achieve the greatest safety when you are working at height. The scaffolding castors for sale must be resistant and, at the same time, allow a simple movement of the complete structure, but in addition, they must incorporate safety elements which guarantee an absolute fixation when the scaffolding is fixed.

We have developed our own braking devices, which prevent the wheel from moving if it is not necessary. These brakes prevent the scaffolding from moving from the base, in addition, the brakes eliminate the vibrations that are perceived in the highest levels of the scaffolding.

We manufacture our own pieces, all of them, that is why we are sure that they all comply with the current legal regulations, and also, they are part of the structural safety of our scaffolding.

Scaffolding castors

We work with a wide range of scaffolding castors, to suit standard scaffold tubes. Our scaffold castors are available in different fittings, to work both outdoor and indoor.

Not all scaffolds need the same wheel diameter. It is important to work with adapted castors, fitted with the measurements of the structure and also adapted to the type of terrain where we are working, in Alufase we have a complete catalogue in which you can find different sizes, all of them adapted to the characteristics of the scaffolding.

If you need more single pieces for scaffolding, you can find all you need in our web.