Guard Rail Scaffold

Guard Rail Scaffold

A guard rail for scaffold must be correctly installed, we provide to all our customers a professional assembly team, able to erect all kind of structures. We arrive at the place where you are to assemble the scaffolding in a few minutes.

In addition, we also have a transport service that allows bars to arrive in a perfect condition. Our team is available for disassembly tasks once you finish your work.

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A scaffold guard rail is one of the main parts of a scaffold. Its function is to avoid falls, that is why they are installed in the perimeter of all platforms.

Scaffold guard rails are solid rails capable of endure hits and all kind of forces, preventing a person from leaving the area bounded by the platform. This accessory is one of the most important protection systems when we are working at height, therefore its installation must be correct.

The horizontal bars must adapt to different measures, in Alufase we have several rail guards models, so you can choose the most suitable for your scaffolding. Its installation system is very simple, and it guarantees a total support.

Scaffolding guard rail for sale

It is essential to assemble it in the last level, where diagonal bars don’t protect us, therefore we need an accessory that prevents us from falling. Scaffolding guard rails for sale are made with aluminum.

This solid is not damaged by corrosion it’s very light and strong, so we are not adding a high load to the base. Our scaffold guard rails are designed to fit perfectly with our structures, but you can fix them in other scaffolds. Scaffolding safety rails are part of the essential security displays in a scaffold, but it’s very important to install them correctly, the bars have to be in a height that allows us to work comfortably, while preventing that part of our body stand out from the platform.

A guard rail for scaffold must be installed securely and tested after assemble it. We work with our own team, people able to fix the whole structure and all the technical devices. We test all the scaffold to ensure your protection. If you need more accessories to work in heights like bars, platforms and frames just check our catalogue, we can also manufacture custom pieces if you need it.

In Alufase we manufacture all the pieces that make up a scaffold. One of the protection systems which we manufacture ourselves are guardrails for scaffolding. We have several models which adapt to any type of scaffolding, due to its easy-to-install safety closure.

When we design a safety part for scaffolding we focus on making it safe, avoiding falls and other dangers, but we work to make the installation easy too. We test each piece to manufacture solid guardrails, providing you an effective barrier for both people and objects.

All the pieces for scaffolding of our catalogue can be bought and rented. If you need a complete scaffolding or parts during a specific period, you can rent our products at the best price. If you need a scaffolding to use it for the long term, contact us, we will advise you to help you to buy the best structure.