Scaffold Ladders

Scaffold Ladders

If you are looking for scaffolding ladders check our designs. For additional stability and safety, a scaffold ladder is the perfect solution to reach all the levels in a scaffolding when we are working. With high loading capacity, a ladder scaffolding allows us to walk along a structure comfortably, avoiding dangers.

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Scaffolding LADDERS

Scaffolding ladders have a very important safety function. Mainly, scaffold ladders are used to access upper levels of the scaffolding, however, the scaffolding located on the sides of the structure are specially used to prevent falls, so we walk through the interior stairs to move between different levels safely.

Scaffolding and ladders must be adapted. A stair which we use to move along the scaffolding should be done to fit perfectly with the structure, otherwise, we can be working in a dangerous environment.

Scaffolding LADDERS for sale

If you are looking for scaffolding ladders for sale just check our catalogue. We manufacture our own ladders and scaffolding, so we ensure that every piece is well shaped, avoiding weak points. Scaffolding ladders usually bear very high weights, if the stair is not prepared to hold special weights the ladder can collapse, causing a situation of extreme risk.

In Alufase we manufacture all the pieces of our scaffolding, so we make sure that the process is correct, generating safe pieces. Ladders are especially important when we analyse the construction of a scaffold, both interior accesses and side ladders must provide a total security, allowing safe movements between different levels.

We create large, easy-to-use and adapted ladders, completely fitted with our scaffolding, so the movements along the scaffold can be fast and comfortable.

In Alufase we have been developing our own fixtures for more than 25 years, to improve the safety capabilities of our products. We have step ladders, rolling ladders, step tools, extension ladders and work platforms with stairs, all of them have been manufactures by ourselves to offer the best quality in each product.

A scaffold ladder must be anti-slip, made with materials that prevent slips and falls. Our scaffold ladders fit perfectly with our scaffolding, and all of them are tested to ensure its firmness. A ladder scaffold can be transported easily with the other pieces that conform the scaffold, and its assembly is very fast and simple. We provide ladders with different heights and designs, so you can use the correct complement when you need it.

If you need more accessories designed for scaffolding works just visit our catalogue, we manufacture outriggers, platforms, frames, braces and all kind of pieces, always thinking in you. We have been developing our own fixtures for more than 25 years, to improve the safety capabilities of our products.

Scaffolding and ladders

Each of the pieces that make up a scaffold are important. The first objective for people working at height is safety, movement between different levels can be a problem if we do not have an adequate structure, but, if we work with adequate ladders, we can move from a platform to another comfortably, avoiding dangers.

In Alufase we also sell loose parts for scaffolding. If you are looking for a ladder just check our catalogue, you will find ladders adapted to different scaffolds, to work with the structure that you need.

We manufacture all our stairs, checking every single piece to make sure that the complete structure can hold very high weights, and it is suitable for working at height. If you need a special ladder contact us, we can adapt our products to any type of scaffolding.