Scaffolding Legs

Scaffolding Legs

A scaffolding support leg is a scaffold part which allows to adjust the high of the whole structure. A scaffolding leg must be secure, providing an absolute safety for all the people who is working in the scaffold.

We manufacture adjustable scaffolding legs for all kind of scaffolding, including aluminium, fiberglass and steel. These pieces can be fixed to the ground, even in irregular floors, preventing scaffolding from moving, even at the highest levels.

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Scaffold Adjustable Legs 


Work in a comfortable environment is essential when we are working at height. Our scaffolding legs for sale are designed to adjust correctly the platform where you are working, reinforcing safety for all people who is operating on the scaffolding.
If you are looking for a scaffolding leg for sale just contact us, we sell single pieces and spare parts.

Scaffolding legs are the basis of the structure, so it is important that all its parts are solid, avoiding weak parts, like welded pieces.

In Alufase we manufacture all our parts and we also check them individually, in the case of the scaffolding legs we do it in a special way, to make sure they fulfil all the security guarantees.


Scaffolding levelling legs are not only useful to adjust the high of the scaffold, it is convenient to fix the base to the floor. Scaffolding legs are equipped with a stabilizer system which seats the scaffold even when we are working in inclined floors.

Another main function of the scaffolding legs is that they distribute the weight of the scaffold through the base. Many of the upsets that occur in scaffolds are motivated because the weight is not well distributed. Using adjustable legs, we can achieve that the weight of the structure is consistently distributed throughout the lower part of the scaffolding.

If you need scaffolding leg levellers to work in a safe space check our catalogue, we provide pieces with different sizes, easy to assemble and evaluated one by one.