Outriggers Scaffold

Outriggers Scaffold

Scaffold outriggers are the most important piece we speak about stability. Scaffolding outriggers should be obligatory in any kind of scaffolding, however, most of the time we use them when we work with scaffolding of special height.

Outriggers for scaffold help us to seat the entire structure on the ground, even when the scaffolding rests on an irregular base. What we are looking for is to hold the base completely, also avoiding vibrations and movements in the upper parts.

If you are looking for scaffold outriggers for sale just contact us, in Alufase we manufacture different types of outriggers for scaffolding to adapt them to different types of scaffolding. Using this type of safety pieces, we stabilize both the lower part and the higher parts of the structure.

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Scaffold Outriggers

Aluminum Scaffold Outrrigers for sale

Our commitment is to provide completely analysed pieces, to generate solid and safe structures. To ensure the robustness of our scaffolding, we also manufacture all the pieces that will be part of the stabilization device, for example, outriggers for scaffolding. Using outriggers specifically manufactured for scaffolding we add safety to the structure from the base, so we can work safely, preventing movements while we are working in high heights.

A scaffold with outriggers is safer. In general, it is recommended to always work with outriggers, even in low scaffolding. The reason is that outriggers not only protect the upper parts from vibrations, they also stabilize the base, preventing the anchors from moving.

A fall from a scaffold, even when working at low altitude, is very dangerous, outriggers avoid all types of accidents and its installation is very simple.

Scaffolding outriggers

Our scaffolding outriggers for sale are safer because they are specially designed for Alufase scaffolds. In addition to reviewing each piece, we also work with our own assembly team, able to reach the place where you need us to install the complete structure, including security pieces such us outriggers.

From Alufase we work every day to improve the structures and security devices that we offer to our customers, with new methods developed by our own engineers.

If you need outriggers for scaffolding, other safety parts or scaffolding components contact us, we have the largest catalogue of work structures.