Scaffold Platform

Scaffold Platform

scaffolding platform is one of the main parts of a scaffold. This piece is the base where we work, so it must have characteristics that allow us to work safely. A scaffold platform must be wide enough, anti-slip and it must avoid elements on the surface that can cause falls.For us, it is very important that every scaffold work platform meet safety requirements, in addition, we design every scaffolding work platform to be easy to assemble.

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Scaffolding Platform

What is the function of the scaffold platform?

The main function of an aluminum scaffold platform is to resist high loads, being part of the pieces that ensure the structure.When we are working at heights, we need to have close different heavy materials, if the platform for scaffolding that we are using is not ready to bear all the load, it can be damaged, creating a very dangerous situation.

Scaffolding work platforms must be evaluated, from a mini scaffold platform to larger pieces, in Alufase we check every single scaffold platform for sale, because we know that all of them must be secure and ready to bear high loads.
If you want to know how to build a scaffold platform just keep reading.

How to build a scaffold platform

Build a platform on a scaffold is very easy. The platforms have some hooks on the ends, which allow them to easily join the lateral structure, being able to place them at different heights. Two people are enough to easily install the necessary platforms along a scaffold.

Aluminium scaffold platform

Usually, scaffolds are manufactured with aluminium, steel and fiberglass. When we choose aluminum scaffolding platforms, it is advisable to choose solid platforms for scaffolding, but light as well. Aluminium is the most suitable material to manufacture platforms. It is very resistant and also very light, which facilitates its assembly. We manufacture platforms easy to install, able to resist high loads and adapted to different sizes.

Scaffold platform for sale

If you are looking for scaffolding work platforms check our catalogue, you will find different solutions, adapted to different scaffolding. Every scaffold platform is designed to fit perfectly with large structures and bear large weights.

Scaffolding platforms

We manufacture platforms for scaffolding, but we produce other scaffolding parts like adjustable legs, outriggers, ladders and more. All our production is based on the application of the latest technology, to protect people who work at height.