Shipyard Scaffolding

Shipyard Scaffolding

Shipyard scaffolding is a device used to provide an elevated working surface, something essential when we work in boat construction. The staging scaffold has to grow with the project, adjusting its size to the progress of the construction, in Alufase we manufacture staging scaffolding by modules, so we can adapt the structure day by day if it’s necessary.

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Shipyard scaffolding

Our main objective is prepare security system for working. In case of the shipyards, this is absolutely essential, to ensure that all the workers are working in a safety area, appropriate to this kind of task. Scaffolding staging is prepared given the dimensions and the characteristics of the boat, and the dimensions of the working space. We study all the possibilities to incorporate technology that ensures your safety.

Both anchor points and security bars are very important to fix the scaffolding to avoid movements and falls, we offer to you experience along many years in scaffolding installation, because we want you to do the best. Shipyard scaffolding is a very special type of structure. We work with several different designs, and we build to fit the shape of the ship. Doing this we can offer to you comfortable structures where work is easier. One of our most popular solutions on shipyards is the ladder on scaffolding. These ladders are built like stairs that we can install beside the ship to reach heights. It’s a very comfortable structure and work with it is extremely easy. We work with aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum is a very lightweight solid, so we can install huge structures easily using this material.

Aluminum can resist very strong forces and corrosion does not harm it. Fiberglass is special to work in special areas like explosive atmospheres, because it does not give off sparks, something essential when we work in an environment with combustible particles suspended. Another advantage is that this material is non-conductive of electrical current. We have a long experience working in shipyards and projects that involves boats. Our goal is always generate a safe environment, where work comfortably while the structure grows at the same time as the boat shape. We manufacture all the scaffolding and platforms that we offer to our customers, so we can assure a 10 years guarantee in all our products. If you need more information about our work and products just contact us, we study your situation immediately to give you the best solution.