Stage Scaffolding

Stage Scaffolding

Stage scaffolding is a structure designed to be part of a scene. Is very usual use a scaff stage in concerts and other massive spectacles, so it’s important to build these structures carefully, to protect the people who is in the stage, and all the people in the public. Scaffolding stages can be prepared to live representations like theatre plays, recitals, even for recordings and films that need structures for spotlights, cameras and other elements.

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Stage scaffolding

Staging scaffold for sale

Every show needs a different structure. Our scaffolding is totally customizable, because in the case of Alufase we build modules that can be assemble, we also have our own factory, so we can manufacture custom scaffolding for special needs. A process of cold bending allows us to adapt the shape of aluminum, avoiding welds and weak points.

We have worked in many spectacles, designing small junctions of scaffolds for low loads, but also preparing huge structures able to support tons of elements. In all cases we start our work preparing a personal plan, with the objective to offer the proper pieces in each case. We work with a module system with which we can build very complex structures. All the modules incorporate security pieces, and we provide an expert team able to build high platforms everywhere. One of the businesses in which stage scaffolds are very usual is in movie filming. Many of the technical elements that are used to film need very resistant supports, scaffolding is the most used solution in these cases. We have extensive experience working in filming, offering both aluminum and fiberglass structures. We manufacture scaffolding that we fit to interior sets and exterior locations.

Each stage and filming set need a particular structure. The space and the use to be made of the scaffolding are two important factors to determine its form and its assembly, our team of engineers prepares a plan adapted to each case, we work to offer tailored solutions and facilitate your work. In our catalogue you will find very different scaffolding stages, including folding scaffolds, mobile platforms and towers. We provide accessories like ladders, guard rails and adjustable legs. If you need a special structure contacts us, we can manufacture all the pieces you need because we produce our own scaffolds. Our expert installation team take the whole structure wherever you need it, and they install it quickly, including all the security systems required.