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Tank Scaffolding

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Tank scaffold

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Tank scaffold are used to store, a leak or any other damage in the construction could severely damage its content. To perform maintenance and repair works on a tank, it is necessary to access all the areas of the boiler, auxiliary structures help us to create an access around the tank, with which we can work in any point.

Sometimes it is necessary to work on interior tank scaffolding. Not all the tanks are similar, there are different forms and capacities, so we have to adapt properly an auxiliary structure from inside. We have a builder team able to generate scaffolds adapted to each need. If you are working in a tank from inside and you need a scaffold, even if the floor is not flat and straight, contact us, we can assemble scaffolding using some support points that we find in the inside part of the tank. We manufacture our own pieces one by one, and we make sure of their quality. We also install scaffolding safety elements that prevent accidents and minimize the consequences of falls and other incidents. We are sure of the quality of our scaffolding, that’s why all our modules have 10 years warranty on each model.

In Alufase we have worked in different risk areas on many occasions. Our work has been always professional and adapted to each situation. Most of our scaffolding is made of aluminum, however, for tanks with extremely dangerous substances we offer fiberglass scaffolds, which are safer because they don’t produce sparks or conduct electricity. If you have to perform maintenance work on a tank with a dangerous load, fiberglass scaffolding is the safest option. We prepare all our projects in relation to the legislation in force in each state, to ensure that all the workers are safe. If you need to install a scaffold in a risky zone or structure contact us, we have a long experience with tanks scaffolding and other platforms, we work with an individual plan in each case and experts in high hazard spaces.