A portable scaffold tower is a movable structure used to reach high places in construction works. Lightweight scaffolding are easy to move, because aluminum is a very light material. You don’t need machinery to displace the structure because the scaff tower has four wheels in the base.

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Portable scaffold tower

Small scaffolding tower for sale

If you are looking for scaffolding tower to buy in our catalogue you will find different types that we can adapt to your needs. These structures are very safe, all of them incorporate different components like security bars and secure access which avoid most of the dangers that you can have when you are working in heights.

We offer to our customers the best prices, because we manufacture our own structures. We don’t include welds, we work with a special process of cold deformation, which is the most durable and reliable option.The principal advantage to work with a mobile scaffold is that you can work in different parts of a building with just one device. All the structure is manufactured with modules, so you have the possibility to work with the height that you need. An aluminum scaffold is very useful in works related with construction and maintenance, simplicity, durability, mobility giving and versatility are some of the advantages of a mobile scaffold tower. For low height works you can choose a small mobile scaffold. Aluminum is a very appropriate material for these platforms, because it is a very light solid, but at the same time very resistant, that doesn’t deform with external forces.

Small scaffold tower

Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion, so if you buy a mobile access tower you will be using it long years.We are sure that we provide the best structures, so we offer a 10 years guarantee to all our scaffolds.Aluminum scaffolds and mobile aluminum towers are the most used structures in construction works, the main reason is that all these devices can be easily moved. In Alufase we provide an exclusive service that includes the assembly and dismantling work, with a very experienced team that can fix all the parts of the tower, including the auxiliary safety parts like bars and stairs.
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