Stairs Scaffold

Stairs Scaffold

Scaffolding stairs is an structure that is incorporated close to a building to access to a high level, but it also can be used as a security exit. This scaffold has an interior stair, very easy to use, to reach the top points of the structure.

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Scaffolding Stairs

Scaffolding stairs have usually two different functions, it serve as a structural element and also allow to move from one level to another safely.

It is necessary that the stairs of a scaffolding be safe, preventing changes of level from the lateral or external zones. Our scaffold stairs fit perfectly to the structure of our scaffolding and also allow that people who is working at height are not expose to falls when they are working.

Scaffold stairs for sale

Scaffolding internal stairs are a main parto for the security of a scaffolding. If a scaffolding stair is not well installed, it can be a risk for all the people who work at height, so, in addition to buying approved stairs it is important that its installation is correct, being completely fixed to the bars prepared to receive the stair.

Scaffolding internal stairs have a maximum weight, to make a good use of them is essential to take into account their characteristics and never exceed the allowed weight.

Scaffolding for stairways for sale

Scaffold stairs are in this case inside the scaffold, instead of being on the outside as usual. Stairway towers are sometimes used like emergency exit, because it’s very easy to walk along the inside of the scaffold.

If you are looking for a scaffold with stair, in Alufase you can find different types, all of them are modular, so we can provide you an structure with the height you need.

With usual scaffolding we can work on different levels, adapting the scaffold to the place that we want to reach, staircase scaffolding are designed to connect the floor level with a superior place, providing a very comfortable stair in the inside part of the platform.

All our structures include security parts like guardrails, bracing frames and toeboard. The objective is not only protect you in the highest levels, but to protect you in all the route along the structure.

We manufacture our own devices, so we can guarantee them for 10 years.
If you are looking for other type of scaffolding just check our website, in Alufase we manufacture all the structures of our catalogue, and we can adapt our scaffolding to your needs, contact us and ask us about our products.

Stairs scaffolding are specially recommended for some kinds of works because it has many advantages like these:

  • Comfort stairs used to configure a personalized scaffold. You can choose the height and the type of stair.
  • It’s a very lightweight structure, so you can even move it if you need it.
  • All the structure is modular, so you can adapt the dimension using single stair components.
  • High load capacity, due to the high resistance materials used by its composition.
  • Fast and easy erection and dismantling. We provide you an expert team in installation of auxiliary structures.
  • Flexibility and adaptability, even in steep terrains and unfavourable weather conditions.

Scaffolding stairs and stairway towers are the best solution to work using a solid structure, easy to walk along it and very safe.

Scaffolding internal stairs

All products for Alufase scaffolding are reviewed and they have a safety certificate, the stairs are reviewed piece by piece, to avoid weak parts and manufacturing defects. In addition, we have a mounting team capable of mounting any type of scaffolding where you need it.

If you need to rent or buy scaffolding internal stairs contact us, we offer you the largest catalog of parts for scaffolding and we also advise you to find what you need.

Scaffolding for stairs rental

Scaffolding for stairs rental is an exclusive service that you can only find in Alufase. Renting scaffold companies usually rent the whole structures, not only parts, with Alufase you can rent just what you need.

We provide different stairs for scaffold, so you can choose a device which fits perfectly with your structures. If you need a stair scaffolding rental service just contact us, we advise you to help you to find the perfect stair scaffolding to work safely.

Stair scaffolding system

A complete stair scaffolding system is quite necessary to work in a scaffold with several levels.

The route through the scaffolding to pass from one level to another must always be done by internal stairs, in addition, these scaffold stairs for sale must incorporate handrails that prevent falls from the sides.

Our scaffolding stairs for sale are adapted to different measures, in addition, they have all the necessary safety devices, with secure fixings to avoid vibrations.